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Getting Started

On B2B Opps, a business is the one with a need or problem that they want to solve by finding a supplier, provider, or partner of sorts.

A business can post an opportunity, which is a listing that says exactly what they’re looking for. These are primarily business leads in Canada.

An applicant is a business who can fulfill that need or solve the problem posted.

An application is what the applicant fills out that specifically responds to the details in the listing.

Click on the link on Register / Log In in the main menu, and then you can check out the opportunities or business leads in Canada here.

You can also sign up by posting an opportunity first, which will also involves adding a business.

No, you don’t.

Whether you register as a business or an applicant, you can have access to both sides of the site through your one account.

To switch to the business side or the applicant side, go to My Profile and click on “Registered as a Business” or “Registered as an Applicant.” Click on the side you want to access, “ an Applicant” or “…as a Business,” and then click on “Save Changes.”

Then you’ll be able to see “My Opportunities,” “Post an Opp” and “Submit Business” on the business side. 

Or you’ll see “My Applications,” “Opp Alerts,” “Sent Applications,” and “Submit an Application” on the applicant side.

You can add 5 businesses to your account. To add a new business, go to Add a Business in your dashboard.

Once your business is approved, it will be visible to the applicants on B2B Opps.

Currently, these are the different types of needs businesses posting opportunities have.

  • Provider – for businesses seeking services, e.g. IT services, recruitment, etc.
  • Supplier – for businesses seeking goods, e.g. equipment, manufactured items
  • White-Label Partner – for business seeking a partner to offer their goods and services to their partner’s clientele under their partner’s brand name
  • Referral Partner – for businesses seeking referrals from business in a related field with the same clientele
  • Collaborator – for businesses seeking a partner to work on deals or projects for a client who needs help from both businesses
  • Consultant – for businesses seeking expertise of an experienced professional in their industry. This could also be a business coach.
  • Promoter – for businesses looking for other businesses to promote them to their professional circle or on social media. This could be an influencer.
  • Co-founder – for businesses looking for partners to help turn their idea into a reality by bringing different skillsets to the table.
Feel free to email B2BOpps at to suggest more types, so we can show more business leads in Canada.

You can create an opportunity by first going to Register / Log In in the main menu, and then you can go to Post an Opp in your dashboard.

You can also click on the Post an Opp button at the top righthand corner of the website. You can start even if you don’t have an account, and your account will be created in the process.

Once your listing and business are approved, it will be visible to the applicants on B2B Opps.

You can check out our Shop to find out the cost of the different packages and subscriptions to post an opportunity or apply to a listing.

Look out for discounts B2B Opps offers, especially if you go to the in-person Precision Networking events in Toronto.

No, they are not. 

Every submission to add a business, add a listing for an opportunity, or send an application will be reviewed by the B2B Opps Team. This is to reduce the possibility of fake users, listings, and applications and keep our platform full of legitimate business leads in Canada. Therefore, it is important to fill out as much information in the forms as possible, including the optional fields.

If the forms are not submitted with enough contact information and social links, and the existence of your business cannot be verified, your business, opportunity, or application might be rejected. 

B2B Opps may attempt to contact to you to verify the authenticity of the information you submitted. However, B2B Opps reserves the right to reject or remove any users, listings or applications at any time without giving notice or explanation. 

You can always send an email to to inquire if you want to understand why your submission wasn’t approved.

Applications are only visible to businesses on the platform.

The businesses and listings for opportunities are visible to all members of B2B Opps.

Managing My Account

Yes, you can, after the launch.

From your dashboard panel My Listings, you can also promote your listings for an extra cost so they are featured at the top of All Opportunities page.

From your dashboard panel My Businesses, you can also promote your businesses for an extra cost so they are featured at the top of All Businesses page.

If you like a listing, but you’re not ready to apply for the opportunity yet, you can click on the Bookmark button in the header of the listing page to save it to your dashboard.

Yes, you can.

In your Dashboard, go to Opp Alerts to set criteria for the type of opportunities you’re looking for. You’ll receive email notifications when your preferred opportunities are added, and the alerts are active for 90 days.

On already active listings that you like, you can set alerts for similar opportunities by scrolling down to the bottom of the listing page and clicking “Alert me to opportunities like this” button.

First, go to All Opportunities and click on the listing you want to apply to. Click on the “Apply for Opp” button at the bottom of the righthand sidebar. 

If you haven’t created a long application already, you need to go to Create an Application in your dashboard and create a new one that specifically responds to the requirements of the opportunity. It’s best to open the listing and the application form in separate tabs or windows.

Go back to the “Apply for Opp” button of the listing, and you’ll see a short form where you have to choose one of the long applications you created. Make sure you choose the right one before you send it!

To view the applications you created but have not submitted for a listing yet, go to My Applications in the dashboard.

To view the applications you already sent to businesses, go to Sent Applications. 

In this area of the dashboard, you’ll see the different applications you sent. On the righthand side of each item, you’ll see the status, which could be “New,” “Already Met,” “Terms Under Negotiation,” “Chosen,” or “Not Selected.” “Chosen” means you’ve been selected.

You will get notified by email when a listing you post receives applications. 

You can also see the applications in My Opportunities. You’ll see a button titled “Show” with a number in brackets on the righthand side of each listing when there are applications to view.

When you click on “Show”, you see all the applicants and information about them, particularly when you click on “Details.”  Go to “Edit”,  and you can change the status of each applications to “New,” “Already Met,” “Terms Under Negotiation,” “Chosen,” “Not Selected,” or “Archived.”

Of course not, but you should meet with a select few. As a kindness, please notify all the candidates of whether they were successful or not by following the instructions in the previous FAQ.

Just emailing or direct messaging will not make your B2B Opps experience very productive. Each applicant is required to share their booking link in the form they submit. Take advantage of their willingness to meet by talking to the ones who are the best fit. 

For B2B dealings, a high number of meetings is key ingredient for increasing your profits and establishing long-term mutually beneficial connections.

To delete your businesses, listings and applications from your dashboard, go to the various panels for each one and click delete on the righthand side of each item.

To delete your account, go to My Profile in your dashboard, scroll to the bottom, and then type in your current password and click “Delete Account.”

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